Transom Plates, Flanges and Bolts

Transom Plates

Yamaha recommend these transom plates for boats with engines from 60hp and up.

F30 – V6 (non SBW) engines aluminium 10mm YMM-09TP0-00-01
V6 SBW and V8 engines aluminium 10mm YMM-09TP0-00-02

Transom Flanges

The tough plastic bracket is easy to install by just threading the Rigging Hose onto it. It requires no clamp, yet provides positive engagement. Use with the rigging Grommet on the other end for quick, easy rigging. When the chromium plated copper ”through transom bracket” is used, the rigging hose is fitted with the clamp.

Chrome transom bracket with 2 anodised stainless steel clamps ABA-THRUT-RA-SM
Transom flange Black MAR-THRUT-RS-M2
Transom flange White MAR-FLNG2-0W-T0
2,5″ XTO  

Transom Bolts

Outboard   Part Number Thread Total
Transom thickness
F25 – F300B Standard Tension 9010112M5100 M12 95mm  
  Standard Tension 9010112M6500 M12 105mm  
  Standard Tension 901011206400 M12 115mm 55-65mm
  Standard Tension 901011206500 M12 130mm 65-75mm
  Standard Tension 901011206600 M12 150mm 75-95mm
F300 – XTO  High Tension 901011207100 M12 85mm -55mm
  High Tension 901011205300 M12 110mm 55-65mm
  High Tension 901011207600 M12 130mm 65-75mm
  High Tension 901011203100 M12 150mm 75-95mm
  High Tension 901011206800 M12 170mm 95-115mm
  High Tension 901011207300 M12 180mm 115mm-
  High Tension 901011205500 M12 200mm 115mm-
  High Tension 901011206900 M12 210mm 115mm-
  High Tension 901011207800 M12 220mm 115mm-
  High Tension 901011207000 M12 230mm 115mm-

Nuts & Washers

    Part Number Thread Description Remark
    901011207000 M12 Standard Nut
    901011207000 M12 7mm Nut  
    901011207000 M12 4mm Nut  
    901011207000 M12 Washer Small
    901011207000 M12 Washer Large