Genuine YAMAHA Fuel Lines & Tank Connectors

Not all parts are listed here, if you can’t find your part, search our parts manuals for the correct part number and search for it in the bar above.

Fuel Pipe Joint (Female)

For 6mm OM side6G1-24305-05-00
For 6mm Tank side6Y1-24305-06-00
For 8mm OM side6E5-24305-06-00
For 8mm Tank side6Y2-24305-06-00

Fuel Pipe Joint (Male)

For 6mm6G1-24304-10-00
For 8mm6E5-24304-20-00

Primary Pump

For 6mm6Y1-24360-52-00
For 8mm6Y2-24360-52-00
6mm F4B/F5A/F6C under the cowl6BX-24360-00-00

Fuel Hose

6mm 30m of A1 marine fuel hose. Iso and CE certified.YMEFH06X13MM
8mm 30m of A1 marine fuel hose. Iso and CE certified.YMEFH08X13MM
10mm 30m of A1 marine fuel hose. Iso and CE certified.YMEFH10X13MM

Fuel Line – Complete

6mm, 3m, both ends with joint6Y1-24306-55-00
6mm, 3m, with one joint6Y4-24306-84-00
8mm, 3m, both ends with joint6Y2-24306-56-00
8mm, 3m, with one joint6Y2-24306-45-00
6mm, 3m, Permanent Sealed, both ends with joint6YL-24306-54-00
8mm, 3m, Permanent Sealed, with one joint6YK-24306-44-00