Genuine YAMAHA Outboard Covers

Standard Covers

There is no better way of protecting your Outboard than a genuine Outboard motor cover. These breathable covers are designed to fit like a second skin for every engine in the range from the 2.5hp upwards. Smart and stylish, they are manufactured from a highly durable waterproof fabric resistant to rot, mildew and UV exposure.

Outboard Model Part Number
F2.5A YMM-09100-00-00
F2.5B YMM-09100-01-00
F4A YMM-09101-00-00 (DISCONTINUED)
F4B/F5A/F6C YMM-09101-01-00
F6A/F8C/F9.9F/F9.9J YMM-09102-00-00
F15C/F20B/F20C/F20G/F25G YMM091040002
F20D/F25D YMM-09104-00-00(DISCONTINUED)
F30B/F40F YMM-09105-00-00
F40D/F50F/F60C YMM-09106-00-00
F70A YMM-09113-00-00
F80/F100 YMM-09107-00-00
F115A YMM-09108-00-00 (DISCONTINUED)
F115B/F130A MAR-MTRCV-11-50
F150D/F174AF200F-G MAR-MTRCV-F2-01
F225F/F250D/F300B MAR-MTRCV-F4-2L
XTO V8 Cover (400HP / 425HP / 450HP) YME091022600


Vented Covers

These unique high quality engine splash covers are tested and designed specifically for Yamaha Outboard engines.

The following features make these the best engine protectors the industry has to offer:

• The vented Splash® covers have been tested and approved by Yamaha and will

protect your motor whilst running.

• Very durable quality making the cover last much longer than other covers.

• Perfect fitment and easy installment.

• Higher resale value when the engine is protected.

• Unique to the XTO cover – Metallic flakes in the grey colour give the cover an exclusive look.

Type Part Number
F100F, F80D YME-MCVR1-00-GY
F115B/BET, F130A YME-MCVR1-15-GY
F150G,F175A,F200B/F/G YME-MCVR2-00-GY
F300B, F250D, F225F YME-MCVR3-00-GY
F70A, FT70, F60F, FT60G, F50H YME-MCVR5-67-GY
OM COVER XTO V8 YME091022600
OM COVER V4 MY23 YME091022700