Genuine YAMAHA Flush Kits & Flush Bags

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Flush Bags

Made out of heavy duty plastic, these bags are designed to hold shape and stand up on their own. After a day of boating, cleanse your engine with fresh water. Just fill the bag until the water passes the intake inlets and idle your engine in neutral for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, unscrew the drain plug and let the water flow out.

Small Flushing BagYME-MSVBG-0S-BK
Large Flushing BagYME-MSVBG-0L-BK

Flush Kits

This extremely useful piece of equipment connects in seconds to your garden hose and allows you to flush out harmful salt and sand. It can also be used for out-of-water operation for tune-ups.

For F4/F5/F6 enginesABB-FLUSH-JD-00