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Water Separators

Keeping your fuel clean really is an important issue where boating is concerned. Contaminated fuel affects performance and can increase the wear and tear on your engine. The trouble is that countless small dirt particles are already in the fuel before it gets anywhere near your boat – and that’s where Yamaha Water Separating Fuel Filters come in. They are designed to be the most efficient systems available for removing dirt before it can enter the pumps and injection system. Without one of these, dirty, unfiltered fuel could block the internal fuel passages, causing the engine to run poorly – or even to fail.

Instead of the standard 35/27-micron filter, the Yamaha 10-micron filter will protect your engine by removing dirt, water and small foreign particles. These superior 10-micron filters are strongly recommended for all engines, especially HPDI and EFI models.

However, it’s important to choose a fuel filter with the right capacity for your engine and to regularly maintain it, to avoid reduced performance and engine damage. A simple rule of thumb is to ensure that the litres-per-hour (LPH) of the filter is greater than that of the engine. This figure can be found in your owner’s manual.

Remember, a filter that is too big or too good cannot cause problems, but one that is too small or dirty can restrict fuel flow, possibly resulting in engine failure.

Water Seperators

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